A Few Funnies!

Thought it time for a bit of humour...that big carp was beginning to go off!... Full story

Why all the fuss about this great big carp?

I see it didn’t take long for the recent story...

Whitney Court Piking Challenge

It’s incredible how time flies…it seems a matter of weeks...

Koi herpes virus disease outbreak confirmed in West Midlands

Koi herpesvirus (KHV) disease has been confirmed in carp (Cyprinus...

Antique Fishing Rods, Reels and other Beautiful Bits.

My knowledge of fishing rod materials goes back as far...

Fisheries still under threat...fight for your gravel pits.

I cannot help thinking we are sitting on a time-bomb....

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A Few Funnies!

Thought it time for a bit of humour...that big carp was beginning to go off!... Full story

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Trev the Bailiff 3: 'All in a Day's Work' by Rod Sturdy.

Trev is as conscientious a bailiff as you could wish to find, he does his regular rounds of Cowpat Lake, day in day out and year round. His trusty, trademark shotgun is with him always.... Full story

Feature Articles

Where Eagles (and Salmon) Dare by Paul Sharman.

Fly fishing for salmon in the highlands of Scotland is about a bucolic as it can get. The rushing water, the smell of damp bracken and the rustling of silver birch trees all make for a fly anglers dream. Wild places breed wild fish and the Atlantic salmon that arrive each season have journeyed far to come home. "I am lucky in that I have had the chance to do lots of different fishing at home and overseas but I have only really had the chance to fish for salmon twice in my life so far. This is the story of my second attempt last September 2015 that originally appeared in the February 2016 issue of FlyMage magazine " - Paul Sharman.... Full story

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Pike Fishing: 'Christmas Came Early' by Bob Brookes.

At a time when others on the lake were struggling to get a run from pike we could drop into almost any peg and catch...... Full story

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Wayne's World!

          To comment on this cartoon strip, go to... http://www.fishingmagic.com/forums/fm-news-feature-comments/359594-waynes-world.html#post1395492... Full story


Wayne Solves the Mystery!

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Lee Swords: Onward and upwards

I don’t like making promises I don’t fulfil and so I find myself at my computer writing something once again for Fishingmagic.Com on the back of a promise I made a fellow “Brexiteer” Cliff Hatton.... Full story


FM October 2016 Photo-Caption Competition

This is fairly straightforward - but with a fair bit of potential. What on EARTH has he got in there? Where is he off to? To win this month's Laguna Fishing Products prize, send in your caption and hope that it chimes with the panel of judges here at FM Towers.... Full story

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A Profitable Day's Fishing!

I always knew that Chris would succeed in life. I once owned a genuine Richard Walker MK4 carp rod, one of three prototypes made by B.James in 1952 and signed by Walker himself. The bagged rod hung from a nail in the garage, not unloved but deserving of better accommodation given its rare status. ... Full story


Andy Loble: Short Session Piking

For me there are so many different aspects of fishing that excite me and get the adrenaline running. One of these things is visiting a new water, especially when the new water contains fish that are bigger than any you have previously caught.... Full story