bristol avon


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Please could some kind angler type person give me some tips ect on the bristol avon and kennet canal as on the 11 march we have RBL teams event thank you in advace.

gareth young

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you will need skimmers and bream to 3lbs to win individually. they show in the wider areas such as turning bays. take waggler rod as first choice method and a bomb rod if its blowing a gale.- and fish over loose caster with worm ends ,double caster and or double red maggot bait.size 16 hook. 9" overdepth to start, go deeper and deeper if no bites. still bait needed. find 24/30 inches of water if dont have to fish tight over, fish where the shelf would be if it wasnt in a bay and a metres or two further over.

second method is chop worm and caster for skimmers perch and odds and ends, on the pole,at foot of far shelf, and right across to cover,if water coloured.

bread punch for roach, at about 5/6mm usually instant so start on this.

crumb and pinky for scratching. try this when the punch has blown. some pegs can do 5lbs of gudgeon.

keep gently feeding even if not getting bites. last hour can switch on.

take a flask and sandwiches, some of the pegs are rubbish.

pint caster
.25pt fluro pinky,
.25pt red magg
white medium loaf liquidise 2/3 without crust
1/3 for punch.
2pt neat worms, dendrabenas

target weight if it fishes well-20lbs to win on bream, 6lbs to win 10 peg section, 4lbs to beat pegs either side.

if it fishes bad then anything over 8lbs will be heroic.probably 2 bream and 10 perch.

there are pike and carp in the venue.

Steve Spiller

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We fished Limpley Stoke on the river yesterday, we could see the traffic on the canal, it was horrendous!!!

Hope you did okay Paul.


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Hi everyone what can i say firt two put ins fish skimmers i thuoght good start after that i could not buy a bite the boat traffic was terrible the amount of people on the tow path was even worse.
the winning weight was 4.5pound not that good and on the river it was 5.5 pound of bleak other than that it was a good day met alot of anglers from all over the country cant wait till next year. But we will be going down on the saturday to make a weekend of it thank you every one.