♫ Jingle Bells, My Bait Still Smells, The Goatfish Got Away! ♫

Scuba Chris

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Jan 25, 2018
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When The Bell Rings-I Know I'm Going To Run For My Rod!

It can be a light jingling or a smashing dinner bell sound off! You know you're not going to ignore it. All morning fish have been nibbling my baits off, but this time it was different. I suspected the fish were to small for my Mustad Ultra Point 3/0 hook size so i reduced the hook down to a 1/0. Then this time the bell ringing was different. When i set the hook the ratchet sounded because there was weight. Bringing the line in there was resistance. I could've hooked a small rock. Turned out i hooked into a small 8in Goatfish.

When the Goatfish hit the reef below it popped-off the hook. Good. Saved me the trouble of hoisting it up to release. After this i went home. I sacrificed a ziplock bag of bait in exchange for a suntan. It was still a nice day to watch the sun rise.