1st Day Back Fishing!

Scuba Chris

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Jan 25, 2018
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My Video Cam Failed, Got Sun Burned, But Got The Fish & Gave it Away-Good Day:)

After my 5-week Pandemic prison term i got out to fish. Still had to follow the rules. Stay 6ft away from others while wearing a mask & no sitting down from the high tide mark while fishing. I decided to follow the Governor's Proclamation though most didn't. In this time i serviced over 2dz of my reels and pre-made fishing leaders. I charged up my video cams & got my UW equipment cleaned & lubed. I was ready to fish (or so i thought).

I went back to my favorite testing grounds Chocolate Beach. I tried pier casting shrimp in bait bags but no takers. So i went back to casting live crabs. Took a massive take down but it never hooked-up. Most likely the mainline snagged a passing large fish from the way it took off steadily. That's when my main video unit started beeping at me, the sign that it's low on power. I had charged it up the night before. Then it died. I switched batteries but nothing. Then i hit a decent Jack Trevally on a live mangrove crab. Figures.

A nice elderly lady was walking her dog & saw the fight. She asked if i'd sell her the fish because she hadn't had fresh fish since the Pandemic started. So i just gave it to her. She was happy because i cleaned it out as well. It was hot so i left early to purchase 2 BBQ steak plates from Zippy's Restaurant. Our pet chihuahua Peanut Butter demolished 3/4 of BOTH plates before knocking out. Ham sandwich time.

I'm working on my cam now. Unit is charging properly & the battery is holding the charge. Will see what happens.

Gear Used Today-
12ft MH Cedros Surf Rod
8000 Blue Azores
Soft Steel's 50lb Eminent Braid
9'6" Shoreline Plugger
6000 Rockaway Distance Spinner