3 piece rods


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I lad in the village has just retired and wants to go barbel and chub fishing once this is all over.

He looking for a 1.5tc 3 piece rod as hes has a small Ford Ka, 6' sections dont fit

Can you lads help


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The only rod I can think of(in three equal sections is the Harrison triptech. Dont know if they are still made,but think they are...


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He could look at some of the travel rods. I have an ABU one that is about right for Barbel, 11 foot 6inch & breaks down to 5 equal parts. They do others that break into 4 parts.

Diawa did some rods Avon type rods that broke down into 3 parts but they were not equal length.


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If he's not set on a barbel-type rod, he might think about something at the heavy end of feeder rods. I know the action is not ideal for big barbel, and they don't usually come with test curve ratings, but if he finds there are more chub than barbel about (quite likely in many places) then a feeder rod might suit. The option of using tips which are more sensitive/revealing about bites that don't pull your rod round could be an advantage. I've got barbel rods, but I'll happily use a feeder rod (a Daiwa Spectron 11/13 Extra Heavy, lines 3-10lb, two tops, one hollow, one carrier plus tips) for fishing where I get lots of chub and a few barbel that aren't huge. The two lengths make it quite versatile and it packs down the same as a 13' float rod.

sam vimes

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Look out for an old Greys Prodigy Barbel. Most were two piece, but they did do a three piece version.

Kevin Perkins

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Hi, I was just about to list a rod that may just be what your friend is looking for. It is a Daiwa12' - 3 piece feeder rod in excellent condition. Should be ideal for barbel/chub. If you think it might do the job I can email over some pics if that would help
Regards - Kevin


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My two greys prodigy barbel rods in 1 1/2 lb test curve are both three piece,

He wouldn’t be disappointed with one of these, I wouldn’t part with mine.

Rich P

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The 11' Harrison 4-piece Avon is perfect for the job, if your friend doesn't mind an extra piece? I've landed barbel over 14lb and it's more than good enough. The test curve is 1.5lb, and the rod has a through action.


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I have a Harrison Tryptic in 3 pce, built it many years ago as my first decent barbel rod. Eventually I built others and it was hardly used for years. Then took it out again last year and thought "Why the hell was I not using this"? It is a good all round rod, a mate has one and wanted another a couple of years back but couldn't source one from Harrisons, possibly one of the custom builders (have a blank in stock) could help but expensive. Harrisons would be able to roll a blank up, just a matter of getting them to roll a single rod blank!

Also have their Avon 4 pce which is nice and very handy rod, but overall I would go for a Tryptic which has a bit more grunt imo.