30,000 and growing


The Monk

how many of those are women Graham?

Eeerr for statistical purposes of course

Ron 'The Hat' Clay (ACA)


Yes there is a formula The Monk has worked out that states that a certain percentage of women are ruffe slappers and will be prepared to share his massive two man bivvy.

I have to go into hospital in the morning for a biopsy on my liver and stay overnight.
Only found out about an hour ago and if i had not rang them i would have missed out because they had forgotten to send a letter out and i would have been none the wiser.
With a bit of luck i will be going with Mick on Sat to see if its fishing ok and if it is will give you a bell next week


I wonder what County or section of the country has the most members??.Its got to be the Midlands or anything above that!!.

As far as I`m aware I`m the only Fenman!!

I hope this doesn`t mean anything??!! ;-)

Peter Bishop

New member
30,000 members eh? Very impressive but why do so few post on the forum, which seems to have about 40 odd regulars and some who have something to say on virtually every thread.
We seem to get quite a few one time posters, who drop in and never come back. Perhaps we should try and find out why?