8 & Bait Bass Pro's 12' Ocean Master Rod!

Scuba Chris

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Jan 25, 2018
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Why Did I Choose Bass Pro's Heavy 12ft Spinner For Casting?

When shore casting for larger game my "sweet spot" rig is a heavy rated rod that can chuck a 8 & bait far from shore. There's a lot of conventional casting rods that are rated for this type of heavy shoreline applications. But not for spinners, the spine or spline is reversed and these type of rods aren't that popular since most spinning reels aren't meant for this type of heavy applications.

So the spinner i've chosen is Shimano's Ultegra 14000. I got this reel 2yrs ago from the UK where it's a popular long distance caster for large carp. Now it's sold in the USA. My 80yd top shot of 50lb monofilament is complimented by thinner braid backing. The total yardage can handle most shoreline species & the spool reducers that are included with the reel isn't needed.

The rod's weight rating is 6-12oz. So at 50% of that is 9oz. My "sweet spot" for casting is 8oz plus a chunk of bait. So for me the rod is PERFECT! I tried to research what other anglers thought of this model but not many reviews out there on it's abilities & limitations. So i'll provide this info using this spinning model & the casting model.

So far i love everything about this rod. I cast far with little effort. The rod's balanced ability to propel weights is amazing. I jus got it so i need to hook something sizable for the acid test. Since i can be on sand to volcanic rock or slippery to jagged coral reef i might need to cut off the rubble butt plug and attach a metal plug. Comes in either aluminum or stainless steel. Also i'd like a bell holder so will jury rig one up. I strategically glued-in luminescent 12mm wide tape for night fishing. Not only will i see the rod from afar but i can tell if somethings nibbling at the bait.

Stats on the Bass Pro Ocean Master 12ft Spinning Rod-
Casting Unit#65-2348695
Line- 20-50lb Monofilament
Lure Weight- 6-12ounces

I try a lot of gear & some i like while others i put away. I only used this 1x and tried casting up to 10oz with no tell-tale strain on the rod's tip (only my arm). It is a part of my fishing arsenal. Just need to catch a fish with it now. For those interested in this line of rods i'll keep posting updates on both the Spinning & Casting models. The last time i walked into a Bass Pro Shop outlet i didn't see this model. Wish i did.