A ‘reel’ companion for a travel rod


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Hi all,
I get the feeling this may be asked a lot, yet I’m at crossroads... I’m looking for an under £40-45, 2000-3000 size FD reel that’s overall good quality as a companion for a travel rod, it seems a rather simple choice but being it may go through some sea and rock fishing in all manners of conditions something on the durable size will be preferred (if it exists...)
Any experience or recommendations will be greatly appreciated


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It would surprise me if any reel within your limited budget would withstand the rigours of sea fishing for any length of time.


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I agree. You would be better, imo, to buy two reels ,one for salt and one for fresh. Penn make some good reels for sea fishing but are outside of your budget. I have a small Mitchell Avocet sea water reel which was cheap in a 2000 size .A Ninja would fit the bill for fresh water


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Or pay stupidly cheap money on fleabay for them,i bought two 500 size reels for a tenner I think,Chinese,probably rubbish,but if they lasted two weeks light rock fishing(wash them out after use)it seems good value,ten of them would last a fair while,I havent used mine yet,but they look ok,line lay isnt the best,but not that bad,the drag isnt super smooth either,but again not bad,they were so cheap I risked it...


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What ever you buy wash it after using it for saltwater fishing or it will corrode in no time. I made the mistake of using a big pit reel for a bit of sea fishing and never washed it. It’s still works but it’s looks a mess.