A funny thing happened today.


Keith Hacking

I went worming for salmon today,on the ribble nr clitheroe.
There's four of us all fishing together as its the first decent high water on the river for weeks.
And we were expecting a good run of fish after all this dry weather,any way starts fishing about half past three this afternoon,fished for a couple of hours nothing,then i get a good bite,strike and i'm into a salmon,it came to the top briefly and i saw it was a coloured fish and that i would be returning it.
So i played it hard and had it netted in about five minutes,as i removed the hook from it's jaw,the hook broke at the barb,so not wanting to distress the fish any more i left that bit in, and returned it, a fish of about ten pounds.
So i ties a new hook on and starts fishing again,second cast i hook another salmon but it fought a lot less than the first one,and i netted it in about a minute,
As i'm unhooking it,there in the other side of its mouth is the the bit of the other hook.
so this salmon was caught twice by the same person, and same method twice in the spate of ten minutes.
Now that must be unusual.
but its true in front of three witnesses.
I wont forget that fish,hope it spawns with out getting caught again.

Colin North, the one and only

Strange things happen sometimes. I've caught trout that has had two of my team of three flies firmly in its jaw. I've played a tench which swam through/into the line of the guy fishing next to me and when I landed it, it had both my hook, and the guy's next to me, firmly in its jaw. On one occasion when fishing one swim on the lock cut at Maidenhead with my mate Tony, our floats were only inches apart. I had a bite, struck, played the fish, which dragged Tony's float in, and when I landed it, my hook was around a split shot on his line, and the fish was on his hook.

These are all true stories.

Ron Troversial Clay

Of course they are true.

I hooked a "whacking great rainbow" on the Mzimkulu in Natal many years ago. After about 10 minutes of playing this fish, the leader broke and I was gutted.

Next day I hooked a nice rainbow of 31/2 lbs in a pool about 200 yards from where I hooked the whopper.

There, in the dorsal fin, was my fly of the day before!!

Keith Hacking

strange how foul hooked fish seem so much bigger,the day after i caught the above salmon,i hooked a fish which shot of down river felt really big,when i landed it some two hundred yards downstream,it was a five pound brown trout hooked in the anal fin.