A Grand Day Out at Blenheim

Graham Whatmore

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So good is that write up that I think you will have to be designated as chief writer upper. It is a sign of a great writer upper when the article is better than the fishing :j

Mr Managing editor, I think your post had a touch of the terminological inexactitude about it. :wh
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Jeff Woodhouse

Moaning Marlow Meldrew
Good write up -- Just a pity there are no names on the photos .......
Good point Ed, sad to say, I don't know who was who even though they might have introduced themselves beforehand. The pics were sent to me with no names.

Of course I recognise Fred, Andy, Spiders and a few more from their pictures in the local Police Station Prom-noms gallery. :D But I felt it wasn't right to name some and not others.

It's also a little difficult in our editing suite as you can't insert captions under the pictures. You have to contrive the text as part of the article, but in a way that makes it look like a caption.

And hey, I'm new at this, I'm still the Apprentice. When Granville sorts it he'll teach me, I'm sure. :eek:

Les Clark 3

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A great write up of a great day , possible one of the best FM fish-ins that we have attended ,can`t wait to do it again .
Many thanks to Ray and and the rest of the mob .

Fred Bonney

What a terrific write up Paul.

I may well add that to my posting name.:j

Great company,next time I'll stay over.

Neil Maidment

This is a dedicated thread for discussing article: A Grand Day Out at Blenheim

Well! I'm reasonably patient, I'd love to read it but I can't get into this article (via Graham's link or the Home Page).

System continually brings up the Welcome Screen "please enter your User Name and Password..... or Join...."

But the same screen shows I am logged in.

Cant figure it out.

Similar experiences when moving around the Forum and Site!

I've tried Logging In via the main site and via The Forum.

Thanks for some very nice comments. Not sure how to label the photos...and some of them were sent direct to FM rather than through me. (Also given the state I was in on that Saturday morning I couldn't recognise anybody -even myself!)

Neil - I found clicking on the photo of Blenheim on the home page got me in.

Poshers :w

Grumpy Git @

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It was a very good day. My thanks to Richard who was excellent company and to Ray who never did deliver on the maggot sandwich.
I'm sorry that I too had to get straight off home. I could have been in the next field and disturbed your sleep Posh or so my family would have me believe. Snore, who me? :rolleyes:

Steve Spiller

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Great write up Poshers, I would have expected a more accurate re-call of the events from such a historian as yourself though....

Didn't you crawl out of Les's bivvy three times? And you forgot to mention that you stayed on alcho free drinks the following night (can't understand why?) and that you retired to Les's bivvy rather early too....

Sorry about the pics Wolfman, I left it too late as usual. I would have liked to submit a pic of Wol, but he vacated the lake early? I heard tales about his fish, but I've seen no evidence?

It was a pleasure to meet all the new faces and the old ones too.

I wonder if Slimey still tries to answer his mobile alarm clock in the mornings???

And I haven't touched a drop of 'red' since that day!!!

Neil Maidment

Neil, I found today that when things get 'sticky' on the new FM, delete the cookie for it from your browser. You'll have to sign in again, but it might clear it.

Good luck

No, still no joy. Likewise with Fred's link. I've tried it on two Pcs now.

Not logged in
Click on link/image/button
Requests Log In - Good!
Log In
Get the Home Page!
Back to square one

Same result if I'm already Logged In when I click the link(s)

I know I wasn't invited to the Blenheim Day :( but this is ridiculus :p

Mark Hewitt

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How long will it take you to realise 'you're not in the club'..........

Had you not been 'black balled', not only would you have been invited but you would also have acess to the artical........;) :wh


Scott Whatmore

A great day followed by a great write up. Can't wait to go again.

Steve Spiller

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Flippin Heck Hewitt.

So it was you who put the "Black Ball" in!!!

I'd ban him if I were you Neil, we all voted with a white ball for you...........

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