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Ron Troversial Clay

I arrived this morning at Ranskill lake, tooke out an ?11 ticket for two fish plus catch and release and had a great little session.

I had not fly fished for nearly 3 years.

Last night I tied up a few of one of may favourite patterns - The SA Damsel.
This proved it's worth today. I caught six fish including one I returned at over 4 lbs I guess. The method used was a floating line with a fluoro leader twice the length of my rod - 18 feet.

The fly was fished dead slow, and I mean slow. It took me on average 10 minutes to retrieve a 30 yard cast.

I have fallen into the habit of counting the number of casts I make when fly fishing and gauging how many takes or fish landed I get from each cast. In this case it was 0.125 of a fish.

This was very pleasing to me as the local sight bob and egg fly mob who regularly populate this water, and sit in a group in the leeward corner, only got one fish as far as I could see.

I was also pleased that I can still catch trout on a fly. A skill I have always loved.

If the weather is good, I shall be out again next weekend. Why not come along and join me. The management put on a very nice midday meal for ?3.00.