A new canal in abingdon

there is a new canal in abingdon that looks quite fishy. it has been there for a few months ,i know there are some perch there now but would there be any carp there? or any tench or bream ?
I didn't realise that the people in charge still built new canals what with roads and that.

Did it just spring up over night? Did anyone notice a big gang of navvies digging....and digging ...and digging...............

12 months later

...and digging.

Phew! "Right lads, phase two. Get the buckets"


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i will ask someone i know who lives there and there are plans to buid or dig a flood relief channel around oxford .

Mark Wintle

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The original Wilts and Berks went west from Abingdon and there were a few traces around Wantage - still shown on Ordnance Survey maps. Don't know where it went after that. Google can be quiteout of date; one place i walk has a sizeable lake that is just workings in one corner onGoogle earth.

I thought a massive reservoir was planned just to the west of Abingdon? maybe this is a feed to that?

Paul (Brummie) Williams

Speci....there is a Thames/Severn canal...........or at least the remnants of said canal.

There are a host of lost waterways.