A Tale About Tench


Paul Scattergood

Great story but would that fish have taken you thro the lillies if you had a sensible strength hooklink? 1.7lb is far to light for tench & lilly pads,should of used 4lb at least.

Stuart Dennis

New member
You're right Paul, a little fiction never hurt anyone though!

Don't take life to seriously, tis all about Ambience and 40lb line wouldn't quite set the scene when isolating ones own creative flow!

oooooh! ark-at her!

Stuart Dennis

New member
ARGHHHH....Twas on the morn of christmas fest...

"Pass my quill, I'm orf again" and as for you Rik, you can reach me in my 'Winnie-Bay-go!'

No comment on spelling! All-Right!

john conway

Am I missing something here, what tail? Where can I read it?