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Sep 21, 2010
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Hi Chaps

Been a while and a lot of fishing since my last post.

Now I need your help with a 'project' for a new rod I am building.
I am wanting to build a glass/carbon hybrid not composite 7 foot ish light lure rod consisting of a carbon handle of about 2 feet and a fast taper glass tip.
Why glass you might ask - several reasons - 1) I want to try out the action of glass which is slower and more forgiving compared to carbon. Not like the sloppy old glass rods but slower to 'load' than carbon.
2) I think this attribute might be a help with my light spinning for perch and other 'softer' mouthed species especially those that delight in mouthing a lure while swimming towards you.
3) Being a total tackle tart I really WANT a honey coloured glass tip / black parralell carbon butt all whipped up in a claret / black tippings with a modern Japenese domestic market style handle (google jdm for pics). I saw a pic online of a rod in this colour scheme based on a honey coloured 's' glass lamiglas blank and it totally blew me away.
The link ( Fiberglass vs. Graphite Fishing Rods | Fishinglifestyle.net )
Does anyone have any ideas re. a lamiglas or other supplier in the UK (yes I know I could go yankee) or if a suitable honey coloured glass rod exists that could be adapted ?

Any help much appreciated