Abu Garcia Max Specimen 11ft 2.25lb tc

John Keane

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***I posted this thread in General Fishing but it’s probably better off here and I can’t delete the other one!***

Anyone ever owned or used one of these rods? Thinking of getting a couple as a one-size fits all for piking/carping. I only do these sorts of fishing on an occasional basis and so 2 two rods would be better than four as far as I’m concerned.

I’ve already indicated, in another thread, that I find 11ft rods preferable to 12ft so size isn’t an issue.

I’ve had double figure pike and carp up to 20lb on a 1.75lb tc rod in the past so I think the 2.25tc rating will be fine also.

I know they are now older rods which maybe gives more likelihood of some of you having used them.