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This is a question for anyone who is using or has used a ABU SUVERAN reel.
I was thinking of getting one and just wanted to know what other Anglers think of it..

*** Attn Mr Marsden... I know you conducted a review of a ABU SUVERAN a while back, your thoughts would be helpful.

Regards....Martin H

Rob Brownfield

I love the look an feel of them...heard there was a problem with the spool, i believe in newer models this is cured. A fellow angler has one for salmon spinning, he uses braid and swear by them. Sorry cant help more.

Martin Wright

I've got one - I was after a front drag reel and had a few quid spare (its all gone now).
I've used it several times and to be perfectly honest and fair it's a well made and good looking reel and I like the front drag system, but...
It,s not a skirted spool and there's a fine gap between the spool and the rotor housing(?), this allows sand/dirt to get inside and though there's a protective plastic cover inside to stop any serious damage you get an annoying just perceptable grating noise when the drag's running which I find very irritating.
I'm about to get a new reel (prob shimano 4000GT) but I'll still keep the ABU because it is an otherwise lovely reel plus I can't tell the wife.
Hope this helps.

Dave Johnson

Mike Fidler has one, and it was 'singing beautifully' last Friday night on the Dove.

Mikes impressed with my new 6000 GTE Baitrunner, I like his Abu, maybe we should swap.....


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Feb 23, 1999
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It's a well made reel with good engineering but the actual operation of it may not suit everybody. The anti-reverse mechanism and the drag operation are an entirely new concept, being operated by knurled rings rather than levers or knobs.

The best advice I can offer is to handle one first and see if you think you can get on with it.