All-round stylie


Steve Clements

Are the Harrison interceptor rods worthy of being called all-rounder?
The reason I ask is Iwould like a lighter rod for barbel,margin fishing for carp,floatfishing for tench/carp and floater fishing in general...or is this just wishful thinking .no Fox items please..How much are Harrys anyway?Might have to go Giant
Comments please

John Tait

Steve, why no Fox items ?? - I have recently bought one of the 1.5 lb. Barbel rods, and am very pleased with it. I know that there does seem to be a lot of bad feeling towards Fox gear in some quarters, and I must admit that I would not consider one of their Stalker buckets. But the rod is a lovely bit of kit, especially at the (not asked for, but offered - I am a regular customer) discounted price at which I got mine !