And now the weather!!!!


Nick Gardner

I know this might sound a silly question, but how does the direction of wind etc effect Carp feeding paterns and can make the difference between a great days sport and another fishless blank. I read articles about "when I got to the swim there was a strong wind from the North West which was going to make things very hard" or whatever.

I have been fishing for many years and only in the last 5 have concentrated on Carp, and as these boys are not easy to catch at the best of times, what can be going on under water in a still water lake, just because the wind is blowing easterly of whatever.

I understand that food can be moved in directions which might help, but why should the wind have so much effect on whats going on under the surface.

Any advise from you Carping Michael Fish's out there would be appreciated.



David Will

My experience with wind and it's effects are based on Roach fishing but are valid for Carp.
The advice often given is ' fish into the wind , especially a new one'.This is good advice but wind creates undertows on waters. Undertows are water moving under the surface often in exactly the opposite direction to those on the surface.The undertows can take hours or even days to start. This is the reason fishing into a new wind is good but fishing into a wind that has been blowing for a few hours or days is not so good.The undertows create disturbance underwater thereby dislodging food items. This underwater disturbance can be well away from the windward bank.I realise that trying to find these undertows is not often viable on busy Carp waters but it worth the effort.Try this , cast a lead around the lake.You will notice that tightening up to the lead will be far easier in some areas than others. This is where the undertows are.They can be on the windward shore or even at the complete opposite end depending on the strength of the wind and how long it had been blowing.These undertows are weird things they can start or stop for no apparent reason but fish love them.I recently fished into one and having blanked for some considerable time banked 30 Tench and a Bream of 13lb plus and a low double Carp.
Give it a go.