And You Thought Fishing Was Sedentary?


Ron Clay

I've been fly fishing for over 40 years and I don't suffer from any of the maladies mentioned here. I can't cast as far as I could when I was in my thirties but I don't worry about it.

Many anglers in Britain are taught to cast in the wrong way. Too much emphasis is placed on keeping a stiff wrist and not letting the back cast go past 12 o'clock or some other o'clock.


For those of you who are struggling with your casting I would suggest you read any of the books on casting by Lefty Kreh. He is over 80 now and has never had a problem. His methods of casting are based on total relaxation. Wwhat you get with a UK casting instructor is someone who tells you what you must not do all the time.

And they start anglers off by teaching them to cast on grass.

No wonder many of the UK casters I have seen have got tennis elbow