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Just having a clearout and came across 2 booklets from years ago. They weren’t new when I bought them.
One issued by Spratts ground bait on how to use silver cloud ground baits.
The other on a new line at the time called Luron made by ICI. Advising on knots and how to use this new line.
Interesting thing with this book is there are some handwritten notes at the back listing fish catches and rivers, the Avon, the Stour, a river at a place called Puddle town and the river Asker.
This angler was a bit of an all-rounder catching every thing from sea trout to dace using baits from gentles to dead baits. I wonder who he was?
Any Idea how old these booklets are?


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Steve, I well remember using Luton 2 fishing line as a boy angler back in the mid fifties so at a guess I'd say those booklets may just date a year or two earlier .


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The 1st edition of the Luron For Angling booklet was 1949, according to a listing on the Abebooks secondhand book site. Luron for Angling - AbeBooks
Thanks for that, the book is older than I thought it was. I seem to remember silver cloud ground bait came in cloth bags.

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I seem to remember silver cloud ground bait came in cloth bags.
Yes, the idea was you soaked the whole bag in a bucket of water and then kneaded it before opening to get the correct consistency! It must have been very cheap to produce, being a mixture of waste products from the dog biscuit production line mixed with silver sand (hence the name)...