Another "Closed" C&C Park w/a $5,000 Fine?!

Scuba Chris

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Jan 25, 2018
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C'mon C&C! Either Enforce or Remove These Signs! How Hard Can That Be?!

The City & County of Honolulu needs to replace whoever is in charge of the extremely simple tasks of removing Pandemic signs! I looked up online & these beaches are NOT on the closed list. How hard can it be? Just need a ladder and a phillips screwdriver. I'm driving from one beach to another fishing and i see 3 of these signs just in 1 day. Just for 1 person this can be finished in a few days. You guys had a month! And that's not including the parks still closed due to renovations & such.

I've chatted w/others who just didn't want to chance walking in case it's a trap to help fund the system. You're hurting our #1 industry. Tourism. Waimanalo Beach Park is a good example. There's a sign in the middle of the parking lot, not at the entrance saying you'll be fined $5,000 for being in there. You can legally fine someone even though there was no warning at the entrance. And the 2 lifeguards are on duty looking at the young high school girls as usual. So it either smells like a trap, or just plain stupidity that the person hired to remove the Pandemic signs wasn't qualified to do the simple job he/she was hired to do.

This was just shot today showing this sign. I passed it last week. The inside beach shots were taken awhile back so nobody can pin anything on me.