anti eject rigs

Neneman Nick

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has anyone here ever tried/used stiff anti eject type rigs for barbel???
i`d be most intrested in hearing your thoughts or experiences.

Paul H

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I use flouro hooklengths more often than not when Barbelling tied usually with a hair or 'D' rig style bait presentation. This is the most effort I put into making rigs anti eject. The turning and hooking properties afforded by the natural angle supplied by the knotless knot with flouro has caused me very few dropped runs or failed hook-holds. So few in fact I can only think of two and one was a Chub.

Nigel Connor(ACA ,SAA)

What is the point given the shape of the barbel's mouth.Very little chance of blowing it out once it goes in I would have thought.

Keep it simple an concentrate on bait and location.Too much over complication of rigs in barbel fishing IMHO.

Given the above I have never tried them though.....!


imho , barbel can & do eject

i use a blowback type of rig , nothing complicated , just a small piece of silicone trapping the hair on the shank , this is pushed down oppo to the hook point ,

now , when i've had fish on the bank , this small piece of silicon is up allmost over the eye ,

i think its been blown up by the barbel trying to eject, or does someone else have a theory ?