Anyone for the Wensum June 16th?


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May 15, 2002
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Me and a couple of old schoolfriends have started the last three seasons with a three-day session at Taverham Mills, on the Wensum, and I'm wondering if any of my FM pals would like to come along for a social fish-in.

You can find out all you need to know about the fishing HERE but the prime target is always the barbel. They're not easy but there are plenty of chub too, and the lakes will appeal to carp and tench anglers.

Truth to tell, the Wensum has a fair old population of otters, and they have caused some problems in recent years. Simon, the manager, says they haven't nobbled too many of the barbel but they have altered the behaviour of the fish, making them harder to locate. That said, last July the river produced 15 doubles in a single week.

The lakes, thankfully, have just been fully fenced, so no otter problem there at all. And Taverham is stunningly beautiful - barn owls hunt the meadows and it is stuffed with wildlife.

I'm not proposing to collect your money. It would get too complicated. But you can stay in Taverham's bunkhouse (twin rooms and a great lounge and kitchen) for £90 for two nights (£45 per person!) which includes the river fishing, normally available ONLY to the season ticket holders, and the lakes. £22.50 a day... it's a bargain, though Simon does say the pricing won't be announced until Feb 15th (he's expecting it to remain the same).

For now, just post here if you're interested. I'm looking at booking the night of June 15th for an early start, then staying three nights. If enough people are keen, I'll get some social activity organised.