Anyonr use float feeder rod combo?


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Buying myself a a new rod as 10 foot is just to short for me and need a 12ft. However as I do a mixture of bomb and float work ive been looking at the combo rods that come with both a quiver and float section save me having to take two. The barbel/ avon style 1.75tc are way to powerful for my needs as i only target perch.
The one ive seen do all seem to be the lower end of the market which is fine for me.
My current rod float and feeder where on the cheap end and they have caught me plently of fish.

Just wondered if anybody had used this light style of "avon" rod.

Peter Jacobs

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A good few years ago I bought a pair of the Normark Bob James River Twin rods that, in my opinion, were the best of that type of rod.

The quiver tip was between 2 and 3 ounce and was as responsive to roach and dace as it was with chub and barbel, and the avon top was powerful enough for most of what swims in my local Hampshire Avon venues.

Admittedly they were not all that cheap, but then real quality rarely is . . .


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I have the 11.6 Garbolino Maxim, actually I bought it for my grandson, it's a brilliant rod, and would highly recommend it.