Are Gardner TLB Buzzers any good?


young 'n' hopeless get off my back!

they look devil like eww lol I think a good alarm are fox microns personal there very good

hope this helps

dave coates

I know they look a bit nasty but as long as they are good I don't care. As I said I may be able to get thamat a good price.

Steve Holman

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TLBs only have an on/off switch. No tone control or volume control. If, like me, that doesn't bother you, then go for them. They're totally waterproof and very, very tough. Indestructible, I wopuld say. I've been using them since they first came on the market, when you had a lead from each sounder to a control box, which housed the working s of them. Since then, they have evolved into superb, hand made buzzers, totally compact. I can't fault them in any way. I also own a pair of Delks, but prefer my TLBs as they are much tougher. The Delks are very good, but are quite vulnerable to bangs and knocks and buttons getting ripped off, when putting them into their cases.

Hope this helps

richard scanlan

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the tlbs are the best little alarms i have ever bought had fox mmx before and they were to temperamental and went off when they felt like it,since having the tlbs i can't fault them richard

phillip flunder

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Good hardwearing alarms will stand any amount of hard treatment, as for tone control I put alittle piece of tape over one speaker outlet and this works ifind. Also battery life seems great Two seasons use two or three days a week and still working