Are you still buying new tackle?


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With fishing not likely to resume for some time are you still buying fishing tackle of any sort?
Every day I get emails from various online tackle shops try to tempt me into buying tackle that I can’t use.
I get the feeling that this shut down will be the end for some local tackle shops, unless the reopening bring about a surge in buying just like the old close season use to.
The last tackle I bought was a few months ago, a complete Dropshotting outfit that is still in the shed waiting to be used.


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No not till my shop opens again, I don’t buy online, don’t trust it since my daughter in law got ripped of when she bought me something online.

Peter Jacobs

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I have just received 4 new fly lines for some of my reels together with backing line and some leader materials.

I ordered them online (unusually for me) and yesterday I ordered some additional fly tying materials as well.

Given the current restrictions then online ordering is the only way at the moment.


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I'm afraid I lied. I have just had some powerpro braid delivered and some cute little crazy fish 20mm whitebait lures recommended by Neil1970. Roll on next spring.:Cry::goodcast::rockon:


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Stocked up on groundbaits during Bobco's last sale and bought a Cadence #3 feeder rod with free reel over Christmas. No chance of using it since purchase so won't be buying anything else for the foreseeable.

ian g

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Just float making stuff from Keith Wilkes , not sure I'll ever use all the floats but I'll never run out.................s**t said it now:D

John Keane

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I’ve had bits of terminal tackle from eBay and sold some stuff on there but I’m ceasing selling now till it’s all over.


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Normally I buy terminal gear and some baits through the winter from the local tackle shop. He'll be thinking I have found another shop because I haven't been in since October.
I have a list of what I would have bought last winter, I expected filling up this Spring but circumstance took over.
I still have my shopping list, no sooner than I'm able to wet a line I will be up to buy my tackle.
I did buy a Matrix accessory chair plus accessories online plus a MAP waggler rod and a Diawa reel, not something I would normally do but it was sort of a release.

Mark Wintle

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I went into my local tackle shop 10 days ago and, apart from some maggots that are now keeping a pair of robins in food, spent £30 on hooks, groundbait and olivettes as a gesture of support. I just hope he's able to reopen eventually but suspect half our tackle shops will never reopen. I intend to buy some bits/line etc. online soon. I think the better online shops have a better chance of survival, albeit with reduced staff.

sam vimes

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I've bought a few bits and bobs. About a week ago, I picked up a new 16" Solar Carbon bank stick (long discontinued) to make up a pair. I didn't particularly want to buy anything, but I've waited about two years for one to pop up so I couldn't help myself. Since then, I noticed a couple of sellers knocking out Preston bodied Dura Wagglers for a bargain price. As my stock of them is rather thin, I thought I'd take a punt.


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Its my birthday shortly and there was a rod I fancied. To be honest I did hesitate wondering if I'd ever get to use it ( at all...gulp) but in the end decided that was paranoid I had it.

As reported previously I panic bought a couple of bags of groundbait beore the lockdown. I suspect those will remain unopened until next season now.


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No not a thing ! Surprisingly but I’ve not had much time this week and last, been working a lot. Looking at having to cancel my holiday next week we are so short staffed.
I hope my local tackle shop survives this I know he said his rent is quite low so I assume that will help him.


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Zero, zilch, nadder.

Half my problem is finding something I even want but with fishing off the menu for the foreseeable it's put any tackle buying on lockdown too.

John Keane

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My mate, that I go fishing with has just taken delivery of two of the Darent Valley Specialist 0.75lb rods and a 3 rod Korum Quiver. He’s going to go stir crazy not being able to use them!

Paste paul

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I’m thinking about buying some new elastic for my pole as it needs to be renewed.......
I might even buy a few puller bungs and get modern !


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As mentioned in another thread I have just found and bought Daiwa Amorphous Whisker Super Light float rod from a very nice chap in Barnsley.

The rod has had a Fuji reel seat fitted which I’ve mixed feelings about, I could always revert it back to original state but doubt I’ll bother.

Mark Wintle

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Really, really tempted to buy a Sphere river rod 13'6" yesterday.......

Do need to sort out my poles with new elastic; probably got the elastic I need to do it.