Avanti Oxygen Specialist 13ft Spliced Tip Rod


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Sep 14, 2010
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Yep, It's me again reviewing another Avanti product. No, I don't work for them but I can't justify spending loads of cash on tackle.

I noticed DC/Used Tackle were clearing out some stock to make way for their new stuff and they were advertising this rod at £20 reduced from £70. RRP is just laughable so I won't go there.

The rod is supplied in a red velvet-textured bag which is quite usable and protects the rod from knocks.
The first thing you notice on getting the rod out is the reel seat/handle. It has an unusual bulge where the reel is screwed to the handle, a short blank length then a nice short cork handle at the end. This is a very secure reel seat and fits my hand perfectly.

The rod blanks are quite slim and extremely nicely finished. The eyes are all straight and of very nice quality. The 'whipping' seems quite heavy and seems to follow the 'oval bulge' of the handle profile.

On putting the rod together, it is very straight with little sag but is very slightly tip heavy. This is rectified by attaching a reel, even my little ABU 1044 tipped the balance back in my favour.

I used the rod yesterday at my local pond. I was fishing under some overhanging trees. Unfortunately the trees impeded a normal overhead cast, so I had to resort to a 2 AAA waggler and more of a quick sideways flick. The lovely spliced tip had no problem with flicking the float a good 25 yards to be fished at 15 -18 yard out.
The fish were very shy biting with maggot on the hook but I had little problem connecting and soon pulled out a succession of little perch, gudgeon, roach and a few silver bream. I could feel every little nuance of the 'fight' and had few bump offs.

I was using my Abu 1044 with 2.6lb mainline with 1.7lb botttom to a 20 hook. All-in-all, if you have £20 spare and need another rod for waggler or stick float work and they have any left, you could do a lot worse than get one of these.
I picked mine up in person from the Chesterfield warehouse so saved on postage. I have 3 Dragon Carp rods now and am delighted with the value they provide.
I know DC/Used Tackle isn't everybodies cup of tea but I can only give my honest opinion and review on that. I'm happy to answer any questions about the rod if you are thinking of getting one.


John :)
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