b james olympic rod restoration


could any one tell me the correct lenght of a b james olympic 3 piece rod im about to restore.is it supposed to be 11ft 2,11ft 4 or 11ft 6 as i have to replace the top section as i only have a part of the top section many thanks chubman,


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I always thought the Olympic was a 3 piece 11' but hopefully someone will be able to clarify this. The only BJ I have these days is a '57 MK4 avon.

Just to confuse matters I have been having a chat with a friend and he believes they also made an 11'6 - hopefully there is someone out there that may know more.
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I've found mention of these at 11 foot and 11 foot 4 inches, which was a restored rod and may well have lost a couple of inches.

I'd make your new tip section the same length as the the other two, or no more than an inch shorter than them. That seems to be the usual approach by all the rod makers.