Back after 20 years and seriously addicted


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Hello all,

My name is Ian, and I am addicted to fishing.

I used to fish a lot when I was a kid, my dad used to own a nice farm and pool. However, since I discovered beer and women and Sunday football, I've hardly got my rod out these last 20 years.

The last couple of years I've often had dreams in which I've been fishing, so, as my not so illustrious football career comes to an end, and to spend more time with my dad, I've decided to get back into it.

I joined a local club that my dad is a member of, and consequently the Summer League. That was three months ago and already I am completely and hopelessly addicted! I'm constantly thinking about my last session, what went right, and what I did wrong, when can I next go, what do I need to buy, and how am I going to fish. It's quite ridiculous. The missus thinks I'm mad, but I absolutely love it!

Anyway, things have changed a hell of a lot since I was last involved. The new methods, baits, tackle and theories threw me at first, but I am now beginning to embrace them - although fishing a long pole is still my worst nightmare!

So, I'm hoping that by joining here I can get some sound advice to help me avoid finishing bottom of the Summer League, and start challenging the far older, far more serious, and far better fisherman at my club.


Jeff Woodhouse

Moaning Marlow Meldrew
Welcome back Grippa. It's the beer that fogs the mind and the women then move in to distract you from all other interests.

Warning though: This site does contain some nuts! :D

Grumpy Git @

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Funny how a childhood pastime can grip you so much when age allows more leisure time. I did exactly the same thing and my Mrs thinks I'm gaga too.

Have to query your not getting your rod out for 20 years whilst being distracted by the women though? :confused: :eek: :wh

slime monster

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Welcome back mate , rod ,reel, float ....that has not really changed ,it is as complicated as you want to make it.

Rodney Wrestt

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Welcome back mate , rod ,reel, float ....that has not really changed ,it is as complicated as you want to make it.
Just what I was going to say Slime, the methods and tactics come back into vogue and still catch as many as they used to.

welcome aboard Ian, you've come to the right place, the gents on here will have advice on any questions you may have.
welcome from me also :) from another newbie ..... not so new perhaps but like you I expect enjoying getting to know fishing again and getting to grips with some of the modern methods.