Bankstick Help

Hi, so I'm getting into carp fishing, so I'm getting Carp gear, so I am wondering what to get, 4 banksticks without a buzzer bar, or 2 banksticks with a buzzer bar, also aluminum or stainless steel, I will be using 2 rods.

Thanks, Dan

Peter Jacobs

Staff member
Much will depend on where you will be fishing, typical swims etc.

When I started many years ago I had individual bank sticks for each rod, then moved to a rod pod with buzzer bars but more often than not theses days revert to individual rests.

Remember though that the Rules governing the issue of a license clearly state:

You must make sure that the distance between the butts of the outermost rods isn’t more than 3 metres when fishing with multiple rods and lines.

sam vimes

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It comes down to preference and circumstances. I still use single sticks, sticks with buzz bars or a pod. It all depends on the make up of the banks I'm fishing. There are times where sticks just aren't much good because the banks are too hard, too gravelly or just plain rocky. For that reason, despite them being fairly unfashionable, I favour a pod unless I know for sure that sticks will be useable.

If you go for sticks, the choice of alloy or stainless is usually a question of strength, weight and cost. Good stainless is usually stronger, heavier and more expensive. The really top notch alloy stuff is just as expensive as the best stainless.

terry m

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Make up of the bank, depth of pockets, wish to follow fashion and possibly the likely distance to the swim are several variable that need to be considered.

There is no hard and fast rule, go with what you think is suitable and that will be just fine.

Ray Daywalker Clarke

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Bank sticks with buzz bars on some waters, just bank sticks on others. I also have the Matrix stage stands that have come in handy a few times, used with buzz bars.

I don't use rod pods, always get a bank stick in.

Stainless for me, much stronger and last for years, there are plenty on the market so you don't have to break the bank, ebay is always worth a look.