Bargains. Let us know.

sam vimes

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Lets see if we can get an ongoing thread in a similar vein to the how did you get on thread.

I'll kick off with this. No idea if they are any good, but three for the price of one has to be a bargain in anyone's book.


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Saw the same ad as you, Sam - wish I'd clicked on yours before posting the one I've just deleted!
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On the waistcoat,I wear for all my fishing as it contains all the Essential bits I need there are two reels with a retractable cord inside to hold in my case a pair of scissors and a pair of forceps.
But several times I have cut through the cord whilst using the scissors, there not cheap to replace, anyway I was in my local pound shop the other day and they are doing two with a carabiner clip on one end and a pen on the other for a pound of course.
Just take the pen of and fit what you need.i bought four should last even me a while.


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' Simply Fishing ' recently sent out an email ' Free postage + Deals! deals! deals! ' is how it read and included reels, alarms plus much, much more !!


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I have NEVER seen a decent bit of kit advertised online for significantly less than my local tackle shop is asking. Pennies at a push.
What I do see online and in the catalogues that come with the rags I occasionally buy are wildly delusional rrps and an assumption that anglers are a bit thick.


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Fox Bob James BJ-5 Centre Pin - Billy Clarke Fishing Tackle

Angling kryptonite on the back, but it's still a decent enough reel. They've generally sold for more than this second hand.
Ha ha ha it ! I'd be on that with the wire wool double sharp ! Good deal though.

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I appreciate it might be a bit of a niche market but if you're a Hardy fan just check out the prices on the luggage...

Search results for: marksman – Glasgow Angling Centre

Needless to say I've had a dib and took delivery today, if only to duplicate what I've already got should it ever wear out :)
I'm liking the look of that rod holdall. You got one ?


I'm liking the look of that rod holdall. You got one ?
I've got what they call their quiver Skip, amazing quality as you'd expect and padded and lined throughout but I wouldn't class it as a quiver as you can easily get four tubed rods in the centre compartment along with a brolly and landing net pole in the long outside pocket and all your banksticks etc in the shorter one.

More of a cabriolet type of rod holdall in my opinion, still very useful but too bulky to be a quiver.

The true rod holdall looks to be almost identical but longer so that tubes can be fully zipped in, I think the main compartment is also sectioned to take made up rods.

The smuggler holdall is a very nice piece of kit as is the large holdall which is wide enough to take the largest size Drennan Super Specimen landing net in the outside pocket as well as a keepnet (if needed) or other things such as coats etc and it's long and slim which makes it really easy to carry over the shoulder through dense undergrowth without getting wedged or caught up on stuff and hanging yourself :)
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