Beginner waggling

Arry innes

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Hey everyone. ...beginner here.....just a question of interest really...I've been doing a lot of reading on pellet guy said never to use a hair rig as when the feeding starts it can be quite a frenzy..and eyes fishies eyes can get caught on a bare hook??? He suggests hook only bait to counteract this....any thoughts or experience? ?

Golden Eagle

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I fish pellet waggler quite often when it is the right method to use, generally in the warmer months.

I always use a banded pellet on a hair rig and have hooked hundreds upon hundreds of fish. Can’t recall ever booking one in the eye.

Who is this bloke giving you this information?

Paste paul

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I’ve caught many many fish on the pellet waggler using an hair rig and I’ve never caught a fish in the eye.....
So personally I don’t have a problem using hair rigs when using a waggler ........


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Fish occasionally get foul hooked, we all know this. At times a fish can be foul hooked in the eye, it's not something that happens regularly if it did folk just wouldn't fish with a pellet waggler. I'd just nod your head to what he says then forget what he says.