beginners spinning rod & reel

Hi all,
I have started lure fishing but it has became apparent that the rod I am using is not right for it. Any suggestions for a beginners spinning rod and reel under £100?


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I bought a Daiwa 7 foot sweepfire rod and reel set with braid for about £39.99 on eBay
That’s what I started with, still use it some days too.


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What’s your quarry Nate, pike, perch, a bit of anything that comes along?

Welcome btw.


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There are so many good rods to choose from, this is just one that fits the bill imo.

Shakespeare Ugly Stik GX2 Spin 9ft - PS38.99

Choice of reel is a bit more straightforward, go for a Daiwa Ninja reel, brilliant value, most probably 2500 size

Daiwa Ninja Front Drag - 2500A

I reccomend using braid rather than a mono line, more expensive initially but much longer lasting so better in the long run, a 25lb breaking strain would be ok for starters.

If you start catching pike you’ll need a wire trace and some appropriate tools, do some googling or find someone with experience.

Good luck and enjoy.


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Have a look at the Korum Snapper range of rods and reels! Good value and nice to use! The Ninja is a lovely reel for the money and I aim to put mine to good use this year.