Best Surf Casting Rod Under $170?

Scuba Chris

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Jan 25, 2018
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Best Surf Casting Rod Under $170? Added A Newell 338 Reel! Thanks Bass Pro Shops For The Ocean Master Casting Rod!

I wanted a surf casting rod that can handle throwing 8oz + bait with no problems of the rod breaking. Has to be light weight & resilient, flexible & strong. Able to use as a bait caster chucking large baits to sliding live or dead baits. Problem? Cost is numero uno! Good name brand good quality rods can start at $300. That's starting now.

So after much research i narrowed my search to Bass Pros - Offshore Anglers Ocean Master Surf Casting Rod. Heard great reviews on the spinner rod so decided to first introduce myself to the casting model. Same stats so getting both would be a plus.

Casting Unit# Model Length Power Line Lure Weight
65-2348698 OSR12C 12' H 20-50lb 6-12oz

No Cons But A Lot Of Pros Like-
Lightweight & Great Flexability.
Double Helix Configuration For Maximum Structural Reinforcement.
Double Wrapped Fuji Aluminum Oxide Guides.
Solid Guides Minimizes Line Friction.
Great For Heavy Lures & Baits.
Fuji Heavt Duty Cushioned Hood Reel Seat 4 Big Reels.
X-Wrap EVA Handle For Wet Hands Or Bait Slime For Non-Slip Grip.

I try to choose lure ratings that at 50% is my favorite target casting weight. I like chucking 8oz & this rod's 50% threshold is rated at 9oz. Perfecto for tossing 8 & bait rigs! Bad weather has hampered my fishing activities along with recovering from an accident. I'm gearing-up for some long fishing outings & this is my first step.