Best Value Tackle



Looking to buy a decent rod and reel for beach fishing in and around the Mersey initially. Dont want budget gear, have coarse fished for 20 odd years to know that you get what you pay for. So the question is this, what is the best value QUALITY rod and reel available on the market as we speak?
Cheers in advance.

Dave O'L

Sort of thing I wonder about Eddie?
As you probably realise the phone or net shops probably have the best deals especially when you want rod & reel.

My thinking is that I'd consider yesterday's fashion as new gear comes out.
I've got a Penn 525 which is a rugged reel & since you can now get a mag version it only costs ?65 from the right place.
Diawa have just brought out a new range of rods which the top priced rod is reported in Sea Angler to be the 'bees knees'. It's just maybe the older rods may become more competative???

I'd be tempted to ring the main shops & ask them straight, you want decent kit at a cheap price what can they do?
I found Tony's Tackle a great help as was Dave Doccra(???)

Steve Parsons

I'd recommend VEALS mailorder.visit their web site.There are lots of good deals on at present,particularly PENN tackle.Veals service is second to none.