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Hi peeps, I 1st signed up a long time ago, haven't been on here for a long time, thought I should maybe re-introduce myself.

based in Northampton, myself and the Wife get out as often as possible for some fishing, mostly carp, but we have good fun, general course fishing. below is a little vid I done after a 2 day fishing trip in Boston.

I wasn't able to find a Video page, so if it's posted in the wrong place, please feel free to move it......

Any feedback on the Vid would be great........

YouTube -



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Cheers for the welcome guys, yeah the vid was done with one of them small hd flip cams. but I spent a little time editing it on a mac..... the guy who runs the fishery has the vid on his site, but I had to edit out the gold looking fish, as he didn't have a licence for such fish lol....

So I plan on doing a few more if possible, never really had that amount of nice looking fish out over two days before. So it could take a little longer to build up the next one....