Black Country Specimen Group


Stewart Bloor

For those who may be interested, the BCSG was recently formed so that like minded multi species anglers could come together.
As well as the West Mids, we also have members in Derbyshire, Leicestershire, Northants and Hampshire. So although our base is the West Mids which is central, we are really a nationwide group.
Any prospective members note : We have a fish-in (primarily pike) on Dec 27 and our next meeting is on January 3.
The fish-in is in Northants and the meeting is near the City of Wolverhampton !!
Club membership is ?8 per year (from when you join), but keep that to yourself as I told Brummie Williams it was ?45 just to put him off....
We've got a nice atmosphere and there are some great guys in the club, such as...hmmm...well...errr...
Anyone interested in any more details, either mail through the Forum (your comments may be helpful to others), or if you're feeling shy mail me direct at