Blackwater River - Hants/Berks border


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Nov 1, 2004
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Well, after some 35 years, I have been re-born to the sport of angling, and wish now that I had never given it up as a kid. I spent some dosh and bought a Ron Thompson feeder rod and have a Shimano Match rod on order. As with other threads in this forum, I must say that the terminology has changed immensly over the years and reading forums such as this has added greatly to my knowledge.

I live in Sandhurst Berkshire and have for the last 6 weeks or so been spending all my spare time (when she lets me !!) down on the Blackwater River Berks/Hants borders. This is a narrow (20ft or so)reasonably fast flowing river and contains most common species, particulary some decent chub which I have tended to target. The only annoying thing is the constant attack from pike particularly when catching smaller fish such as roach, even attacking the odd chub. I have heard that in places there are some decent bream and would appreciate any local knowledge or guidance.
Many thanks