Ian White

I wish to make my own boilies can anybody tell me what ingredients to use and in what amounts also any recipes to use thanks

Tony Watkins

It all depends on how serious you want to get into boilie making. I would advise on starting it with a simple recipe. A simple base mix like Richworth 50/50 (approx 1lb), 4 medium size eggs, a flavour of your choice (approx 3-5ml) and maybe a few ml of sweetener. You could also add some colour if you wish.

Kit Stokes

I tried your recipe Kevin and it was great because it was so cheap (I got 1000 grms of ground rice 1000 grams of semolina and ten eggs for &3.17 from sainsburys). Instead of using the banana flavouring I used Rod Hutchinson chocolate flavouring and some sweetener. But what I found was the mix came out quite dry so I added a little bit of water, this seemed to do the trick and so I started rolling.
But once they had been boiled they were quite sticky and had a rough texture on them. Do you know why?

Kevan Garrett

yes kit
you used the semolina from sainsburys and if you look at it, it is more like a suger granual than a powder,i went and tried it myself,and that is the problem.So, buy your semolina from asda or make sure it is more like a powder