John Tait

"Jonty the bait baron ? "

Good Lord, no !! - just happier to be making my own, 'cos I know exactly what's in it. And I also know that all the ingredients are quality food-stuffs.


Peter Fieldhouse

Note in Coarse Fisherman Magazine Des Taylor tells of fishing Acton and only catching the smaller fish. He asked B Garner why he was catching the big ones. The reply was because your bait is crap. Brian Garner them made Des some Premier Aminos boiles and Des caught a 37lb carp.
The point of this is that most shelf life boiles
are made with ingredients that keep the price down
This does not mean that they are bad baits,however
if a long term baiting campaign is required then the best bait in terms of nutritional value is one of the better known base mixes Premier,Nutrabaits,Mainline,Etc. This type of bait allows you to use extra additives IE: Betine GLM, Etc.I think that over the years this as been proved time and time again. There is of course the angler who does not want to make is own bait and buys what is on offer in the tackle shop probabley shelf life baits.This can be overcome by using one of the bait rolling companies who will make what ever you require,

Stephen Shaw

I am just waiting for somone to bring out a latex boilie

Trevor Saunders

i know of a bait company that will send you 10 killo of ready to freeze baits from most of the main suppliers for ?65 i dont think it includes postage but its very good value e- mail me if you whant details