Born again fisher :)


Apr 19, 2010
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Hi to all, having been best part of 25 year since i fished as a lad of early teens i have recently come back to the sport. A mate is big into his fishing and having hung up my boots and sold my bikes and unable to comfortably walk round 18 holes due to a titanium tibia i was short of a hobby, so i kept my eye out for some tackle on ebay. Picked up a full setup for next to nowt, box, nets and bag, rods and bag, reels, tackle and box, umbrella etc etc.

Living in Grantham i have been to Woodland waters at Ancaster 3 times over last 2 months and a couple of trips to the canal. I have been floating on light gear 3lb over 1lb 1/2 on 12 hook in the small Birch lake round the back. Been pulling several nice mirrors and common on double sweetcorn to the tune of about 2-3lb

Just invested in a feeder rod this weekend just gone and got a couple of quivers and relined one of the better reels with 100 metres of 6lb line, and gunna have a crack at the match lake tommorrow.

Wish me luck and any tips for this venue appreciated