Break the shackles

matthew barter

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Mar 25, 2006
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Kings Lynn
Why don't you (if indeed you do) break the shackles and not weigh fish?
When you start fishing you want to show to yourself and perhaps others that you can catch more or bigger fish.

Once you realise that fishing is what you do and nothing can stop that, you have no reason to prove yourself.

You know what's a good fish, a good haul, etc.

Why not enjoy.

I know the reasons and I don't want to stop people who have to judge themselves by weights and measures but please realise that there are others who find lots of other things in angling just as important.

I fish for big fish but I know the limitations of the venue and I relish the challenge of nature.

I never could understand the whole thing with trout that were released already promising the angler if they caught them they would be a record breaker. I think they have two records now.

There have been threads before about what makes a good fisherman before. I don't think catching a man made record breaker or even a bunch of big weight fish is proof of fishing ability (I think some very good fishers have held or hold records).

Break the mould, you know what's good and what's not. You know if you worked for it or if it was luck.

Who cares? You can fish your own way and it is worthy and you don't have to justify it ( although I just have).

Why not just go fishing the way you want to and catch what you catch?


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Sep 14, 2010
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I'm not competetive and I accept that anybody can fluke out a big fish but to regularly catch big fish relative to the venue your fishing does take alot skill as does regularly putting together big match weights and framing regularly. Is it important, not really as fishing is lots of different things to lots of different people and in my view enjoying yourself and the surrounding are important than what or how many you catch.

Andrew Macfarlane

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Jul 2, 2009
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What about setting yourself goals?

If I want to beat my PB, because it gives me something to aim for and practice what I do, to increase my knowledge and improve as an angler, what's up with that?

I've never done it for credit, a pat on the back or to impress anyone because there are 1000s of anglers who wouldn't give 2 hoots what I've caught.

Ray Daywalker Clarke

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Apr 28, 2007
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It's upto the angler if he or she wants to weigh fish. Many also keep records to help show fish growth in waters.

Then there are those who want to beat their PB of a species.

I don't weigh fish, unless I think it is a new PB, or a mates PB, or maybe for an artical.

I enjoy catching fish as we all do, i don't need to weigh them, but i could, but i think it's good for anglers to weigh fish. I have heard so many stories of big fish from anglers over the years, but the truth comes out when these monsters are caught, only to be well below the weight claimed, because anglers don't have any idea of weight.

Hence the term Fishermans Tales.


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Jul 30, 2007
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down the lane
I do weigh some fish-either because its size for that water or that its an unusual fish for that water.
I might land(say)8 fish(wild carp for example)up to 6/7lbs but one might be somewhat bigger at 9lbs.I then might land a mirror carp(unusual for the water)of 15lbs and I will weigh the two bigger fish of each type.

Reason?....well I like to keep a basic record of what I catch;the weight,conditions,water temperature and bait,so my diary(just the one my wife and I both use)might read:

several wild fish up to approx 7lbs plus one at 9lbs and a mirror at 15lbs
all to bread/crust
water temp 62 degrees
air temp 70 degrees-sunny

I do this more out of interest really(increasing years means my memory is not what it used to be!)and to look back over the previous year to recall what I caught and when AND more importantly the conditions at the time at the start of a new season...

In addition,I share this knowledge with anyone who asks about the water if he is a new member but I don't say where I caught the fish........just as I have offered a bait to try if someone is struggling for bites....last year I gave a chap some beans to try and he had some good fish with them....good for him and great for me!!

PB's and all that stuff is fine,but not for me-I have been down that road and enjoyed every minute of it but now I just love being by the water and enjoying the peace & quiet.......

Now where did I put my camera,mobile,record fish commitee number and 40lb scales.....had them just last week!!!