Ian White

Try reading Improve your coarse fishing mag -July 2000 in the shops now
There is a four page guide to catching bream hope this helps you out and good luck



Despite having caught 47 double figure Bream I am far from being an expert on this subject (all but two came from the same exeptional water) I have however had experience in fishing for Bream in both a match fishing scenario and the specimen approach. Other than the obvious one of location (some thing a match angler has no say in the main ingredient for sucsess is your feeding. Plenty has been wrote on this subject so research it. Both the match and specimen approaches are valid. Anyway you couldnt have asked this question on a better site as Graham is an acknowledged expert on this subject. Over too you mate....


Managing Editor
As Budgie said, location is very important, perhaps the most important aspect of bream fishing. Bream are strictly shoal fish and feed along established routes. Find those and you're halfway there to catching them. Observation can be all that's needed on some waters - watch for them rolling in the early morning. On those waters where they don't show, and particularly on gravel pits, find the features. Plumb the water and pinpoint those bars, ledges and platueax.