Canal Fishing - being blown away!


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Jul 19, 2003
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Been out today and fished my local canal. It rained, I froze, fish on holiday! I tried maggots, (spiced too!), casters, bread, corn, and fresh air once or twice! Nowt! My biggest problem was the wind - no not mine! I like to fish a whip of 3m and I had a 4x10 float of some description on with a 20 hook (to nylon)..I also float fished a little further out with a 3xbb cane/balsa float and I could not keep the float/bait still on either. It was akin to trotting down a river! I do own an 8m pole but prefer not to use it as it is rather cheap (affordable!) and heavy in the side wind. I read with interest the points about driftbeater floats, would this help? What about the whip situation? I was also interested in the feeder approach 'controversially' suggested by another FM member...!
Would be grateful for any help! Many thanks.