Canal fishing tips?


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Jul 7, 2019
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Hello all, been fishing the canal nearly every weekend at a few different places, no blanks or disappointing days so far, I got my bonus carp in the first session on a pole, an eel and a terrapin... Yes.. A terrapin. Other than that is been plenty of variety of fish.After a few tips from the more experienced people from questions that come into my head generally when fishing

1.depending on the time of day, do you fish different parts, eg, far bank when it's midday, track early morning etc etc.

2.last weekend I fished up to an overhanging Bush, I must of hit a massive shoal of Bream, non stop bits, between 2-5 inches, while it's great to be catching every minute, I was hoping for something better in the shoal, tried bigger baits etc to deter the bits but the persistent little buggers kept on coming. So within a shoal will there be bigger fish & small fish together ?

3.Groundbait on a canal, types to try?
Also bait in general, so far I've used, maggot, worm, sweetcorn, bread. None seeming to make any difference to the other but sweetcorn being a slower goer but generally better size fish.

4.maybe a question related to the first.. What depths do certain species feed at, I've found no difference at different depths except for a shirt button type shotting pattern bringing in roach.

Probably could write another 50 questions while I'm fishing
Thanks in advance


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Oct 27, 2010
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2) Bigger bream tend to form shoals of their own whereas small bream can be found all over the canal usually with roach

4)Its not so much species rather the time of year, all the species come up in the water in summer, in winter it's better on the deck on the whole. Perch will usually be deeper than roach, bream can be surprisingly high in hot weather and you can even get them off the top sometimes on bread