Canel Carping



Hello out there,
Am I the only angler in the Leics,Northants area fishing the GUC for carp this winter. If I'm not ,drop me a line to share info etc,especially
locations,and to reassure me I'm not the only angler on this
huge linear lake fishing winter evenings

Stewart Bloor

Hi Dave, I'm not fishing the GUC even though I do have a Luton card, which includes a lot of the canal. Do you have a Luton card, just as a shot in the dark?
I did fish the Staffs/Worcs canal this spring. It is NOT a noted big fish water. I have never seen a specimen angler on the canal. I managed a mirror, just over 10, so I was very happy !!

Neil Wayte

Hi Dave don't moan about being the only one fishing the GUC just enjoy yourself and catch a few possibly uncaught carp.Quite rare now but very rewarding.

Mike Fidler

Lots of carp in the GUC down this way. I fished a couple of early mornings in the summer. Just on the outskirts of Northampton. Had a few doubles but the majority seemed to be a lot of the stock that was washed out of Nether Heyford fishery a couple of seasons ago in the Easter floods. I did read that there were some big twentys that came out from the Milton Keynes stretch. I wish I'd won the lottery and could go fishing as often as possible and try all these different locations.