Cant upload pictures


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HI lad's

Im having Issues with my computer and if I cant sort it out it's gonna become a very expensive Frisbee.

Right I got lots of photos I'd like to put up in my gallery and one for my picture.

When I try to upload them I get told they are two big?I dont understand,they look exactly the same size as the blank space where my picture should be.The picture sizes are 2.45-2.57mb whatever a mb is.The browser tells me 12kb is the limit.

I have tried to upload pictures that came installed the computer and they have the same problem so I dont think its the Camera.The computer is an Acer Aspire 5610 series.

I have looked at my pictures folders pages on my computer and cannot see any referances to changing/reducing the file size or how to do it.I am however getting a little bit irritaded with my endless lack of success.So please if anyone can offer a solution to then then I'd be very greatfull of any info before I smash my computer up.

Also please make any answers as simple and easy to understand as possible,I am not good with computers.

Thanks Steveo


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I've had the same problems of uploading a photo, kept getting the message to big or wrong file type. So I gave up at the 7th attempt.

Fred Bonney

Not that I'll know the answer, but what system are your photo's kept in, and does it allow you to crop them?


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Alan...The software is a Canon Zoombrowser EX,....However the photos are all stored in the photo album/file that comes pre insatalled with Windows Vista.

Steve Spiller

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Sorry Steveo, I'm not laughing at you. I was exactly the same as you until I downloaded PIXresizer. It's brilliant and free!

And I can't do a friggin link!

Can anyone put up a link for Steveo for PIXresizer, Wol did it for me last time.


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I have given up trying to sort the pictures out.Despite trying aimlessly to use the pixresizer all I succeeded in accomplishing is damaging my computer after punching it in a fit of rage bought on by its insipid bleepin telling me file does not exist,file does not exist,cannot find file,cannot find,cannot finf file AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.....No advice ,no suggestion,no help,just cannot,CANNOT,CANNOT.

Thanks again for the help,Im walking away from the computer before I tear it to pieces


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first thing to do is resize the file, in the buttons across the top (not used the one you are, but normally all the same) in the edit button is normally a tab called canvas size/picture size, select it type in the width and hight fm gives you as a maximum.

click ok

next in file selest save as, name the file, save as jpeg, you should be able to slecet the file size, drop it down to 12kb, click ok

upload to fm.

failing that email me the pic i will size it and email it back to you for you to upload.

Steve Spiller

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Sorry again Steveo Im not laughing at you again, oh god I've been there!

Step one.........Calm down, the P.C is your friend so treat it nicely.

Open PIXresizer...load picture.....browse...choose your pic...Stay Calm!

Step two.......don't change anything....remain's gonna work....

Step on jpeg.....slide the cursor to 100% quality......stay calm!

Step save picture.....are you still calm?

Step will say save in? my pictures.

Step six...upload it to a good un.

Stay Calm /forum/smilies/wink_smiley.gif

You better have some bloody good fish to show off /forum/smilies/big_smile_smiley.gif


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Thanks Alan and Steve,

Im gonna give the pictures a try in a couple of days after the medication starts working.

Youre gonnna laugh at this,

My thumping the computer buggered the dvd burner so me being me I decided to take it apart and fix the problem.BAD idea.I suceeded in breaking a screwdriver,ruining some screws and ended up with a pile of bit's.After looking at the carnage for a while I decided that I could fix it.Cue the music from A-Team.

Well I got the computer back together all working exept a strange noise coming from the dvd burner.NO PROBLEM I thought,Ive just dismantled it once,pieace of cake.OOOOOOOOP'S,what was that noise.Yep I broke the burner good an proper.DOH!!!

I sat there for a while looking at the broken bit's in my hand's willing them to go back together but they didnt.I put them in bag in a draw and sat quietly rocking back and forth in the corner.

Its amazing how a computer can cause so much stress.What a prat