carp fishing


peter tattum

I am new to carp fishing and would like to know what are the good names on the market and the ones not to buy.I need everthing from rod and reel to boilies.I do not want to pay through the nose but i want half decent gear.

Darren Wilson

Nash, Solar, ESP, Drennan, Carp 'R' Us, Tails Up, Shimano, Daiwa, Delkim.

Some of the above companies gear is expensive, but it is worth it.

Nash do a good range of rods now in the sub-?100 bracket that are very high quality. ESP, Drennan & Nash terminal tackle is all very good. Nash, Solar & Tails Up baits are all proven fish catchers.

Fox do a wide range of gear, but I don't get on with their gear due to a large number of reasons that are best left unpublished on this forum.

Rob Brownfield

You shold also try Giant tackle, very good, but i reckon u would go a long way in beating Daiwa for good rods and reels. Shimano baitrunners can be bought cheaply, although I tend to blow them up, but thats me :eek:) Nash terminal tackle is my choice, but I do feel its a bit overpriced. As for bait, well, Premier to some excellent mixes, as do Nash, Nutrabaits, Richworth etc.

Brett Western

When I first first started carp fishing (three Years ago) I spent just over ?400 on a quality Daiwa set. My Cheap and reliable set included 2 12ft
matching muti-tip carp rods, 2 Regal Z Bite 'N' Run reels and a adjustable rod pod, all of which are still going strong today and have resulted in a monster 36lb 4oz Mirror and some nice matching winning bags.