Carp fly freinds


Hello guys, yes I would like to make freinds regarding carp fly fishing. Share conversation and general points, I've coarse fished from young but last couple of years I was introduced to the fly. I'm also learning Pike fly fishing wishing to chat and learn.

Keith M

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A few years ago I bought myself a fly rod, reel and fly line with the aim of using it for fishing for Carp after watching a video of John Wilson using a fly rod on his lake using chum mixers instead of flies.

However I never got around to trying it myself (and now never will) but it looks like it was great fun and John caught plenty of Carp up to double figures. I wouldn’t think of using this gear for larger Carp of over around 15lb though, especially in a Lilly strewn lake, although John Wilson might have handled them ok.

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Which Philipstown is it, County Louth or New York State?

I fly fish a lot for trout and grayling in a local river and a large reservoir. I can advise you on that if you like. As for fly fishing for carp, I've tried using a big fly with a clipped deer hair dressing so it looks a bit like a floating trout pellet - didn't fool the carp.

I've not bothered fishing for pike with fly because the rivers I fish have steep overgrown banks and deep margins. It's very difficult to do a back cast in those conditions without getting snagged.


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I am guessing you are not UK, not the ideal time of year to start targeting carp on the fly - basically surface fishing. Sure you could catch them but a lot of effort for small rewards. But if you wait till next summer it should be big regards for little effort.

Easy and fun way of catching carp, especially from well stocked lakes, basic and easy method.