carp rod or feeder rod?


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hi guys sorry for no posts lately
ok so tomorrow im probaly gunna go fishing, but i only want to take 1 rod should i take a quiver tip rod or my carp rod?

so where i fish the carp apparently get to 40lbs ive had bigest of 22.8lbs from there. i plan on fishing a free flowing 1-1.5oz leger, the lake bed is VERRY weedy
so should i use my tf gear banshee all rounder with the strongest quiver? or the 1.75 oz avon tip.
or my fladen maximus carp 360 in 3lbs test curve?

i plan on fishing to start with around 50 foot but later in the day i may fish 120ft+
i will be using either 8/10/12 lbs line what do you think ( mono lines )